AUSTRIA - Quick facts & figures




9 million


Euro (​€)

Time zone:




Area Size:

83879 ​km2

Calling Code:


Academic year:

September - June

If you are a sport fan and not just an A student, then Austria is the study destination for you! Considered a world-class tourism destination, thanks to its astonishing skiing landscapes of the Central Eastern Alps, dazzling mountains for summer hiking and breath-taking lakes, Austria offers countless sport opportunities, the most popular national sports include football, alpine skiing, swimming, ice-hockey, mountain biking and cycling.
Universities in Austria differ from each other in terms of size and structure. For such a small country, the excellence of Austria’s universities is recognized worldwide, ensuring you of a good quality education should you decide to study here.

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Number of public Universities: 22

Number of private Universities: 16

Top University Cities: Vienna, Graz, Innsbruck, Linz

Tutuion Fees:  from 700 Euro to 25000 Euro

Estimate costs of living in Austria per month

Monthly basics Lower range Upper range
Living Costs:
Rent: 600 EUR (room in 2bd apartment) 1000 EUR (1bd apartment)
Utilities (varying monthly, depending on heating costs): 60 to 80 EUR 150 to 250 EUR
Internet & TV: 80 EUR 150 EUR
Phone: 50 EUR 80 EUR
Food: 300 EUR 600 EUR
Transportation: 50 EUR (public transportation pass) 250 EUR (Taxi: 4.20 EUR/km)
Laundry/toiletries: 40 EUR 100 EUR
Clothing: 200 EUR 400 EUR
Books, printing, photocopying: 30 EUR 50 EUR
Entertainment: 80 EUR 200 EUR
Total: 1510 EUR 3080 EUR

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